Providing Accurate, Customized Market Research

Our Beginnings: Experience Is Everything
Founded in 1992, American Business Research Company (ABRC) has been delivering thousands of custom research projects to top agencies across the United States. Through these various agencies we've had the opportunity to work with companies as large as Microsoft® and some as small as local restaurants working to attract more patrons.

While we sometimes think there's nothing we haven't seen, we know full well that this is only until we design our next project. While we wish we could impress you with our long list of clients, the nature of research and working with agencies requires us to be under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for nearly all of our work. As you get to know us, however, you may find an occasion or two where one of our staff will spin almost unbelievable stories (without giving away client names) that includes helping an aerospace giant to turn "star wars" technology into products for the average consumer, surveying executives at Fortune 500 companies, in-depth research on executives "in-charge" of power plants and studies that are being used to popularize the latest technology in entertainment, large screen theaters, and software used by business and children.

Why should you use ABRC for your corporate marketing research?
Now ABRC goes direct to businesses, eliminating the middleman. After years of almost exclusively serving agencies across the United States, ABRC now takes its vast experience and wide range of services direct to businesses of all sizes. Now companies can benefit from custom research formerly available only through top agencies at substantial cost savings.

The Benefits of Direct-to-Business Market Research

  • Speed of service (no middleman)
  • Since you deal with ABRC directly we can offer some of the fastest turnarounds, even on involved market research projects.
  • Intimate relationship to exactly serve your unique needs
  • Dealing directly with ABRC allows us to get to know you and your company's situation for more accurate results. We will coordinate directly with your in-house marketing department, giving you the edge you need to gain market share and acceptance.

No vested interest in what your survey results show
Agencies on occasion will hire a research firm to study their current ad campaign in an effort to validate the agency's marketing strategy, rather than really finding out the public's legitimate response. This is a means to protect the agency by skewing the data in favor of the agency. Of course, aside from being a poor business practice, this can be potentially damaging to the client. ABRC guarantees fully accurate and honest reporting so you and your executives have the information ion they need to make vital decisions that affect strategy, tactical planning and campaign execution.

Discovering solutions to problems
Our research will reveal successful actions and validate much of what you already know, but the projects are also designed to locate the hidden situations and problems that are pulling down your business or income.

ABRC has specialized over the year in working with all types of clients, so whether you have a Fortune 100 company that is interested in protecting and expanding its leadership, or a small to medium-sized business working towards continued growth and expansion, ABRC can design and execute the research campaign you need.

Call ABRC Today
Contact an ABRC representative at 1-615-878-7324 to arrange a phone or face-to-face meeting to discuss your company and its research needs. We will be happy to draw up a proposal customized to your exact needs.

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