ABRC studies are not just accumulated interesting information. They are created with the goal of the research in mind for actual use and implementation to produce increased statistics and support strategic decision-making processes.

Competitive Analysis Studies require an initial briefing on the product, service or company to determine the goal of the research. Completed projects include a bound and tabbed summary and comparative analysis, an in-depth write-up on each individual competitor or component, as well as all collected materials (such as promotional pieces, articles, press releases, samples and catalogs, etc.) for each.

Product Viability Study
A study was conducted for a new technical weather observation device which the client was considering commercializing. The study involved doing an analysis of other companies who had products in that category to determine who would be the major competitors and what their plans were for the future regarding these types of devices. This helped the client to determine whether or not to proceed with the production of the device. It also helped them to decide whether or not to take on a partner and, if so, which of these companies would be best suited to collaborate with. Data was included from interviews and surveys conducted with all the major publics for this type of product. The result was a complete picture of the playing field and a correct estimation of the product's financial viability and potential position in that marketplace.

Medical Sensor Competitive Analysis
This study was conducted regarding a sensor device a company was intending to market. The research involved locating the medical machines that the client's device could be used in to improve their performance, and then doing competitive analysis on these companies and machines. It included an end user survey to get the public's viewpoint regarding the performance of the different machines and the level of service received from each of these companies. It also included pricing, life expectancy, the other company's plans for the future, marketing and distribution information. As a result of this study, the client was able to properly evaluate their situation and proceed towards a joint venture with one of the companies investigated.

Internet Directory Competitive Study and Server Software Competitive Study
The purpose and result of these studies was to locate any possible competitors for these products and to do an in-depth analysis of them to determine the playing field and the best strategy for the products in the marketplace.

Partnership Study
This project was undertaken for an aerojet company to find a partner to manufacture and market a third device which the client intended to take into the commercial arena. It involved locating companies who could serve as possible partners for this sort of product and investigating them as to their suitability according to certain criteria. The senior executives in charge of product development in each of these companies were contacted and queried as to their interest in and capability for the project. They were also queried as to the route these decisions take within each company and time frames involved. Those most interested and best suited were put into direct contact with the client's project manager. Full reports, including the appropriate steps that needed to be taken, were submitted for each company.

Engineering New Public Study
The purpose and result of this project was to determine what other new publics could be promoted to, to increase the client base for this company's electronic mechanical design services. It also resulted in the acquisition of immediate new clients.

Indoor Air Quality Products competitive Study
This study was undertaken to determine who the major competitors for the client's IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products were and how they were marketing these products. Also determined were their standings with the Environmental Protection Agency, product biodegradability, prices, distribution methods, advertising methods and materials, future plans, publics and other pertinent information. Having this data allowed the client to compete more effectively and create strategy to carry their product line into the future.

Automotive Competitive Study
This study investigated other dealerships who were local competitors to the client to determine what their successful actions were. Emphasis was placed on those dealerships with sales which were increasing. Vital information was gained to assist the client in being most effective with their advertising, promotion, sales tactics and general orientation.

Company and Product Profile
This involved project was conducted regarding the major corporation selected as a possible partner for the above product. It included the company structure, financial situation and outlook, product profiles and plans, and its relative position in the marketplace. The information provided allowed the client to go to the bargaining table fully prepared.

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